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Attorney handling legal documentation

Filling a Vacancy in the Board of Creditors without Convening the Creditors Assembly

Co-optation of a Board member is meant to speed up the bankruptcy proceedings by giving an opportunity to the Board to elect a new member without convening the Creditors Assembly.

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Shipment vehicles and containers

Who Bears the Costs and Risk of Goods Being Lost or Damaged During Transport? Incoterms Clauses Can Solve This

Incoterms clauses make it much easier for buyers and sellers in international trade to regulate the moment of transferring the risks and costs, especially since it is very common for goods to get lost or damaged during transport.

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Truck Digging Rocks in a Quarry

Drastically Increased Fines for Excavation of Mineral Resources Without Approval

On 26 August 2021, the Government of the Republic of Serbia adopted the Decree on Determining the Value of Excavated Mineral Resources or Other Geological Resources without the Necessary Approvals.

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Calculation of taxes

Integrated Rulebook on Value Added Tax in Serbia

The Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Serbia adopted the Rulebook on Value Added Tax which entered into force on 21 April 2021, replacing 27 previous rulebooks in this field.

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Field with solar panels and wind park

New Incentives for Investment into Renewable Energy Sources

The National Assembly adopted the new Law on the Use of Renewable Energy Sources, introducing various incentives for RES producers in the Republic of Serbia.

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Trade secret

New Law on the Protection of Trade Secret

The National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia adopted the new Law on the Protection of Trade Secret, which came into force on 5 June 2021 introducing a series of changes.

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