Legal Forensics

We understand that our clients operate in a regulatory landscape that is continually evolving, where businesses are concerned with both external regulatory investigations and enforcement action, as well as internal legal and conduct-related matters. In addition to responding to regulatory investigations and enforcement action, businesses themselves are under the increasing pressure to carry out their own internal investigations to identify, halt and remediate misconduct, self-report to regulators and take any necessary disciplinary action. In turbulent times, you need a legal advisor with deep experience of the most complex types of regulatory investigations and their potential consequences for the business to steer you to clear waters when it matters the most.

Our lawyers have significant experience advising and acting for clients by taking legal forensics actions to identify regulatory enforcement and legal conduct risk, in relation to corruption, fraud, money laundering, market misconduct, data protection, anti-trust, employment, health and safety, environment, tax and product-related matters.

On top of identifying and mitigating corporate misconduct, should your business come under regulatory scrutiny, we are also available for managing your response to regulatory and law enforcement-led investigations, assisting your business to mitigate and manage risk, and to avoid serious fines and penalties. We will guide you through any parallel legal and regulatory obligations, ensuring that the many pitfalls and other issues – which can dramatically impact results and the probative value of the investigation – are avoided.

Our firm adopts a strategic and pragmatic approach with a view to providing incisive advice which considers all relevant legal, regulatory, commercial and disciplinary issues and consequences for our clients.