Manufacturing & Distribution

Our team is highly experienced in the types of industries our manufacturing and distribution clients operate in. We understand and are able to navigate the unique challenges that come with such a diverse industry, managing the changing customer needs, market forces and tight management of logistics. Our clients cover a wide range of products, including automotive, chemicals, electronics and construction products.

We advise clients on their day-to-day operational issues as well as sophisticated transactions that are critical to their success. We have worked on many unique transactions, reflecting our creativity and innovation as well as our commitment to finding a way through for our clients, no matter what the circumstance.

Our technical legal knowledge is underscored by our desire to always understand the business from our clients’ point of view. This distinguished commercial awareness constantly shapes our legal perspective. Throughout the fluctuating business and economic cycles, we watch and interpret market trends, helping our clients deal with the challenges of doing business in a rapidly changing world.