Legal Risk Assessment and Legal Due Diligence

Sooner or later the necessity of scaling arises as a stage in business development and it is, in most cases, caused by purchasing additional assets and companies. In order to get the objective information concerning the object of purchase, and all the risks associated with it, conducting a due diligence procedure is a must.

Our lawyers have extensive experience in conducting due diligence procedures, as well as evaluating the legal, property, personnel, and organizational risks. Analysis of legal risks (Legal Due Diligence) includes the analysis of the company’s business activity to ensure compliance with the legislation and assessment of risks regarding the possible claims from contractors and/or state authorities.

Our assistance to the clients when conducting Legal Due Diligence typically includes:

  • Analysis of incorporation documents and examination of the property rights of the company’s owners;
  • Analysis of the company’s rights to movable and immovable property, financial investments into equity capital of other companies (analysis of the property title);
  • Examination of the decision-making process legality with respect to the decisions made by the company’s management body;
  • Assessment of the issue of securities legality;
  • Examination for the disputes with the third parties, court proceedings, arrests and other encumbrances of property;
  • Identifying business tax risks, possible claims of the contractors or state supervision bodies;
  • Examination on the availability of all licenses and permits necessary for the business activity;
  • Analysis of the company’s compliance with the labor legislation;
  • Research of the specific areas of the company, such as examination of natural resources exploitation, foreign trade, antitrust legislation, etc.