Whether it is about a port development, funding a new road, planning the next stage of an airport, or managing the governance of a railway, our expertise covers all aspects of transport.

We have been working alongside our colleagues who plan, build, finance, invest in, manage and operate transport infrastructure. We combine our in-depth knowledge and legal know-how with a commercial and practical approach, to help enable some of the region’s most complex and critical infrastructure projects.

Our specialized knowledge within the road, rail and transportation infrastructure sector draws on industry experience and regional expertise. Working with all entities and stakeholders, we advise on infrastructure project development, financing, concession, and sales.

Our industry expertise within the road construction sector provides our clients with a hands-on approach in understanding their commercial objectives and goals. We work on all types of road infrastructure, including bridges, tunnels and tolling structures, providing advice across the road industry to all stakeholders. Our team is at the forefront of delivering regional projects, from bond financing to greenfield PPPs.