Business Support Services

In almost every industry, corporates strive to focus on their core products and markets through outsourcing their business support functions to specialized service companies.

Milosevic Law Firm team has immense experience working with such companies, and business services firms as their suppliers, across an array of sectors and business contexts. Extracting support services from any business in a way which maximizes efficiency and represents true value for money for both parties is a complex task. However, our experience has allowed us to develop an extensive “play book” to help our clients shape the right deal on a wide range of transactions, from operational service contracts to full-scale outsourcing deals.

We have substantial experience dealing with outsourcing contracts, in particular in the context of high-scale construction projects and can help clients realize the full potential in such deals.

We recognize the challenges which support providers face in operating their businesses and offer legal products and services which are tailored to this sector. For example:

  • M&A – understanding the requirements of often time-sensitive deals in this sector;
  • Employment & regulatory advice – providing significant employment advice, along with environmental and Health & Safety regulatory advice;
  • Disputes – proactively addressing potential and actual disputes (in particular in relation to complex, long-term service contracts) and advising on contract renegotiations.