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Conversion of receivables into share capital

The conversion of receivables into the company’s share capital increases shareholders capital and ensures the liquidity of the company.

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residential to office space, conversion of space, attorney Belgrade, Milosevic Law Firm

Conversion of residential space into to office space

It is often the case that certain persons carry out their business in a residential space, and in order to get certain benefits, they need …

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Silent existence of joint-stock companies in Serbia

When we talk about joint stock companies (“JSC”), the first association would be that it is a typical business corporation. However, let’s try to be …

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Consumer protection, milosevic law firm, attorney Belgrade

How to exercise your Consumer rights?

If you as natural person purchase goods or get services from a seller, there is a special Law that protects your interests. Law on Consumer …

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tax law, milosevic law firm

Expiration of Regulation for lump-sum taxation of self-employed income taxpayers

A significant increase in taxes from 1st January as a result of expiration of the Regulation which gives protection to the lump-sum taxpayers

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Law on Archival Material 3

Implementation of the Regulation on Electronic Archiving Postponed

Implementation of the Regulation on Electronic Archiving, one of the bylaws to the Law on Archival Material and Archiving Activities, has been postponed.

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