Restructuring & Insolvency

When businesses are in financial distress, considering all solutions is essential. Our lawyers advise on the full spectrum of issues that arise from corporate distress, distressed investing, and formal insolvencies. We advise lenders, debtors, potential buyers, and bankruptcy administrators on issues such as directors’ duties, due diligence, debt buy-backs, debt trading, litigation, and arrangements.

A true understanding of different positions of all the key players is critical if you are to achieve the best possible result. Our commercially focused team has extensive experience advising all types of stakeholders in distressed situations. Whether applying creative techniques to a distressed company, working to turn around a company in difficulty, or managing a major corporate collapse, the team has the requisite skills and depth to resolve these matters.

Our lawyers are experts at devising creative solutions for difficult credit problems. We have a track record of successfully restructuring the balance sheets of distressed companies to maximize value. Our approach is to optimize our client’s position and returns by considering every option.