Five Tips on How To Easily Obtain a Cadastre Resolution

One of the amendments to the existing Law on the Registration Procedure with the Cadastre of Real Estate and Utilities („Official Gazette of the RS”, no. 15/2020) („the Law) is the unique electronic mailbox, registered by opening an account at the eGovernment Portal, into which the Cadastre delivers its resolution to the registered mailbox owner.

First of all, it should be noted that the Cadastre delivers the resolution by means of the unique electronic mailbox in the cases launched by a document submitted to the Cadastre through the e-counter by a notary public, a public bailiff, a court of law, a public administration body or a party itself.

What does this look like in practice?

After the Seller and the Buyer have concluded an Agreement on Real Estate Sale/Purchase (“the Agreement”) in the presence of a notary public, the notary public forwards the Agreement to the competent Cadastre for implementation.

Upon receiving the Agreement, the Cadastre creates a file and, following the conducted procedure, adopts the resolution which it then delivers to the unique electronic mailboxes of both the Seller and the Buyer.

If the Seller or Buyer do not have their unique electronic mailboxes, the Cadastre with send the hardcopy resolution by registered mail to the postal addresses of the Seller and the Buyer, using the services of a postal operator.

Below are five useful tips for Sellers and Buyers on how to easily obtain their Cadastre resolution and gain insight into its contents:

  • Regardless of whether the resolution was sent (i) into the unique electronic mailbox or (ii) by post to the Seller’s/Buyer’s address, the Cadastre will make it public at the electronic announcement board of the Republic Geodetic Authority.
  • Downloading the resolution via the electronic announcement board is not considered an official submission of the resolution in terms of the Law. Given that in our example the Seller and the Buyer do not have their unique electronic mailboxes, the resolution shall be deemed delivered 30 days after the date when the resolution was announced at the electronic announcement board of the Republic Geodetic Authority.
  • If the electronic announcement board contains no published resolution concerning the Agreement, it means that the Cadastre has still not adopted one. In such cases, the Seller/the Buyer can visit the Services Portal of the Republic Geodetic Authority, where, by entering their file reference number and selecting the competent Cadastre, they can check the stage in which their file is currently at.


Milinko Mijatovic

Milinko Mijatović

Attorney-at-law | Senior Counsel
Saša Radosavljev

Saša Radosavljev

Attorney-at-law | Senior Associate